Announce: mogilefs-server 2.17

dormando dormando at
Fri Jul 13 22:33:30 UTC 2007

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> New MogileFS server release:

Just for what it's worth to the mailing list, I just completed an 
upgrade from 2.07 to 2.17 on an 8 tracker, 55 disk setup. Smoothest yet! 
Didn't even have to fix any bugs this time :)

The version we were running at gaia before was pre-fsck and pre-iostat, 
so this was significant. I'd definitely like to see more work into the 
dep bundled version since getting everything installed was a bit 
painful. The iostat weighting has already made the IO usage go way down 
across the board.

Also, fired up the fsck job yesterday :) 1 billion fids to do, current 
ETA is 6 months (down from 244 thousand years yesterday. It'll probably 
finish in a week). It's already found/fixed a ton of shit.

$ mogadm fsck status

     Running: Yes (on 10-207)
      Status: 9133018 / 1035683850 (0.88%)
        Time: 2329m (65 fids/s; 261863m remain)
  Check Type: Normal (check policy + files)

  [num_GONE]: 2
  [num_MISS]: 3
  [num_NOPA]: 4483
  [num_POVI]: 371757
  [num_REPL]: 371757
  [num_SRCH]: 4484

Good work! Thanks a bunch!

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