Failing test for Gearman::Client::Async

Ruben Kerkhof ruben at
Wed Jul 4 17:12:33 UTC 2007

Hi list,

As you all know, I'm working on getting MogileFS into Fedora. I've  
packaged up all dependencies, but hit an issue with the latest one.
The reviewer of my package got a failing test on X86_64, but I can't  
reproduce it on i386.

Test output:

t/err8............Can't call method "watch_read" on an undefined  
value at
t/err8.t line 57.
# Looks like your test died before it could output anything.
         Test returned status 255 (wstat 65280, 0xff00)
DIED. FAILED tests 1-3
         Failed 3/3 tests, 0.00% okay

Is there anyone with a 64bit processor who can run prove -v t/err8.t?
The version I used is Gearman-Client-Async-0.9.4

More details on

Kind regards,

Ruben Kerkhof

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