now bundling all needed dependencies with MogileFS

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Jul 3 21:10:18 UTC 2007


As for svn r1088 (what will later be MogileFS 2.18), mogilefs-server
(mogilefsd and mogstored) come with all needed Perl modules to run it.

>From the commit message and CHANGELOG:

        * make mogstored and mogilefsd use the now-bundled dependency
          Perl modules as a last resort, unless MOGILE_NO_BUILTIN_DEPS
          environment variable is true.  this makes it easier for people
          to use mogilefs, without dependency hell.  distros/packagers
          are expected to ignore (or scoff at) this "feature".  but
          easier for people working from tarball/svn releases.  bundled
          dependencies will be updated over time, as needed.

I was inspired by SlimServer, a huge Perl server, which also does this,
letting people use bundled versions, or machine versions.

Hopefully this makes it easier for everybody to follow MogileFS releases
without getting angry at dependencies (and makes it easier for us to add
more dependencies without pissing anybody off)

Any comments appreciated.  (particularly if you don't like my
implementation, which I'm flexible on...)

- Brad

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