Read & Append Files in MogileFS

Dan dan at
Mon Jun 25 13:48:59 UTC 2007

In an application that needs to read files and append to/change existing files in MogileFS, what is the recommended strategy?

The client API only permits creation of a new file and writing to it from the start. Reading the whole file into memory is not viable and fetching the whole file back to local disk storage, editing it, then sending the whole file back to MogileFS is not elegant.

If there is no existing solution, is it viable to extend the TIEHANDLE interface to support seeks and writes? I'd be comfortable with implementing the needed elements with the appropriate WebDAV requests (with byte ranges) going to the backends, but I don't know it the architecture of MogileFS would support marking the files replicas out of date and bringing them back into consistency.

Any pointers would be appretiated.


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