disk monitoring

Brandon Ooi brandon at hotornot.com
Tue May 1 17:28:16 UTC 2007

Hi Jared,

you can label filesystems with a name such as "mog4"
i believe it's something like this...

 > tune2fs -L mog4 /dev/sda


 > reiserfstune -l mog3 /dev/sdb

once labeled, you can use the labels in fstab

LABEL=mog3  /mogile_root/dev3  reiserfs defaults 0 0

Jared Klett wrote:
> 	so far I've built all our MogileFS nodes with 3ware/AMCC
> controllers (we were using RAID-5 before Mogile) which do a great job of
> monitoring disks on a regular basis and sending e-mail notification when
> anything from a bad sector is detected to an entire drive failing.
> 	the downside is that when a drive *does* fail and the drive is
> replaced, the 3ware controller doesn't keep its internal unit IDs
> consistent, which then in turn causes devices in Linux to change, i.e.
> /dev/sdc fails and now /dev/sdd shifts to become /dev/sdc, which
> requires extremely careful manual remounting at the Mogile mount points.
> 	hope that makes sense... if anyone has a solution to avoid that,
> please let me know. :)
> 	anyway, in the past I've used homegrown scripts to do things
> like write a temporary file to the device to be checked, make sure the
> file exists, and send an alert e-mail if a problem arises during those
> operations.
> cheers,
> - Jared

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