MogileFS vs other distributed filesystems

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Sat Nov 10 19:31:38 UTC 2007

From: Jordan Mendler <jmendler at>
Date: Nov 10, 2007 11:00 AM
Subject: MogileFS vs other distributed filesystems
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Hi all,

This is inspired by the thread about GlusterFS. I am new to distributed
filesystems, and am trying to figure out the differences between all of
them. It seems like there are many, and some provide a different means to
clustering, but I cannot quite figure out if there are major differences, or
if they all do the same thing of striping files across different storage
servers over a network. Perhaps someone could provide some insight and talk
about the major differences between some of these different options.

Here is a list of some apps I have found:
* Oracle OCFS2
* Lustre
* MogileFS
* GlusterFS
* Hadoop
* Cleversafe
* Parallel Virtual File System (seems to lack redundancy if I am not

Thanks so much,
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