device is not showing space

Mark Smith smitty at
Wed Nov 28 15:12:25 UTC 2007

> I am trying to configure mogilefs but encountering a problem , issue is that
> i am able to add host and device also but when i am running following
> command
> # mogadm --lib=/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5 --trackers= device list
> autolininstall [1]: alive
>                    used(G) free(G) total(G)
>   dev3: alive      0.000   0.000   0.000
> as per output there is no space allocated to dev3 , can any one help me why
> this is happening. i am giving configuration here

It looks like it's not able to determine how much space is free.  Look
in /var/mogdata/dev3, do you have a file named "usage"?  If so, does
it contain the proper values?

If you do not have this file, what OS are you running mogstored on?
Can you provide the output of the following command:

df -P -l -k /var/mogdata/dev3

Mark Smith / xb95
smitty at

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