get_file_size errors after changing IP address

Jared Klett jared at
Thu Nov 29 18:09:57 UTC 2007

Dear Mogilers,

	I changed the IP address of one of my storage nodes, and I
updated it with these commands:

mogadm host mark file7 down
mogadm host modify file7 --ip= down
mogadm host mark file7 alive

	I made sure all the other parts of our cluster were updated as
well. Now I'm seeing this message when I try to inject using mogtool:

size_verify_error: Expected: 3291; actual: 0 (cantreach); path:; error: node seems to be down in get_file_size

	which seems bogus since I can connect to it manually just fine:

           => `0001437776.fid'
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 3,291 (3.2K) [text/plain]
100%[=>] 3,291         --.--K/s
12:33:19 (193.65 MB/s) - `0001437776.fid' saved [3291/3291]

	Has anyone tried changing an IP before and/or seen this issue?


- Jared

Jared Klett
office: 917.546.6989 x2002
mobile: 646.526.8948
aol im: JaredAtWrok

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