Easy way to delete lots of files

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Tue Oct 2 08:27:44 UTC 2007

For what it's worth, I can't come up with anything clever which doesn't 
require notable engineering work :) It might be fun to have a mogilefs 
job service that does high speed file management based on chunks of 
runtime supplied code :)

Remember with MogileFS you can do a lot of things in parallel. So if you 
can easily maintain/grab a list of files you want to delete, and you 
have a number of hosts, fork a few times and bomb it.


Justin H. Brehm wrote:
> I've created one domain for general development usage and one for 
> functional testing.  The functional
> test domain fills up with lots of things that we don't want to keep around.
> Is there an easy way to delete lots of files from a single domain?
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> Systems Engineer
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