How to check mogilefs tracker is *actually* connects to MySQL slave?

Kensuke Kaneko kyanny at
Wed Oct 3 11:51:34 UTC 2007

Hello, everyone.

I try to use "mogadm slave" option, and add one slave setting. It works fine.

So, I think how can I check tracker actually connect to MySQL slave
server and send SELECT queries to MySQL slave server.

I watched slave DB's processlist (mysqladmin -i 1 processlist), but
many mogilefs process is displaying every time.

When I shutdown MySQL master server, mogtool extract fail.

How to check or debug tracker's query sending?

These are my settings:

  #mogadm slave list --dsn=DBI:mysql:mogilefs:host=
--username=mogile --password=mogpass

  #mogadm settings list
           enable_rebalance = 0
             schema_version = 9
         slave_10.0.212.117 =
                 slave_keys =

mogtool works well. I can inject file, extract returns correct URLs.

# mogtool extract key -
Fetching piece 1...

# mogtool extract key -
Fetching piece 1...

I read this ML's archive searching keyword 'slave', but I can't find
nice answer for me.

Kensuke Kaneko <kyanny at>

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