Database replication

Jonathan Share jshare at
Mon Sep 3 14:43:03 UTC 2007


I'm currently evaluating the possibility of using MogileFS and had a 
quick question regarding the database requirements of MogileFS.

Background: Total hardware allocated to this project right now is 2 
blade servers. The current plan is to run both servers in identical 
configurations so that we can fail over to one server when necessary 
(failure or software upgrade). This works fine for our application 
(Python based) using MySQL in a dual master replication setup, the 
current weak point is file storage, which is where I'm hoping to bring 
in a MogileFS based solution.

Question: Does anyone have experience of running MogileFS in a dual 
master replication setup? From my own experience, if the database was 
not designed for it you can have problems.

If MogileFS does not support running in a dual master setup do I have 
any other options for a HA solution? A colleague has suggested the NDB 
table type but as this is entirely in memory I'm a little hesitent. 
Would MogileFS be able to cope with the loss of the metadata in the 
database (regenerating from the storage nodes perhaps) in the event of 
the UPS failing (has happened once this year)?

Thanks in advance.


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