Database replication

Justin Huff jjhuff at
Mon Sep 3 15:20:18 UTC 2007


We're running dual master MySQL along with two trackers and 4 or 5
storage nodes.  Seems to be working just fine:)


Jonathan Share wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently evaluating the possibility of using MogileFS and had a
> quick question regarding the database requirements of MogileFS.
> Background: Total hardware allocated to this project right now is 2
> blade servers. The current plan is to run both servers in identical
> configurations so that we can fail over to one server when necessary
> (failure or software upgrade). This works fine for our application
> (Python based) using MySQL in a dual master replication setup, the
> current weak point is file storage, which is where I'm hoping to bring
> in a MogileFS based solution.
> Question: Does anyone have experience of running MogileFS in a dual
> master replication setup? From my own experience, if the database was
> not designed for it you can have problems.
> If MogileFS does not support running in a dual master setup do I have
> any other options for a HA solution? A colleague has suggested the NDB
> table type but as this is entirely in memory I'm a little hesitent.
> Would MogileFS be able to cope with the loss of the metadata in the
> database (regenerating from the storage nodes perhaps) in the event of
> the UPS failing (has happened once this year)?
> Thanks in advance.
> Jon

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