Memory requirement/restart frequency of MogileFS processes.

Hemant Bist hemant_bist at
Thu Sep 6 18:16:11 UTC 2007


Can someone point me to typical memory sizes they see on their live systems
from the MogileFS processes? And whether you restart these processes
periodically to work around  memory leaks?

On single machine with single disk (which is admittedly not the best
configuration to test mogileFS), this is what I get.
with 5 queryworkers,  Total size is *200* MB --mogilefsd processes will use
150Meg and
mogstored another 50 meg.

Thanx, HB

(mogilefsd(replicate) bloats in size for me. I am probably running into some
obscure bug because there is nothing that can be replicated in this config).

=========when the system is active Resident size is close to the size of the
process =======
hbist at bestprice:/var/log$ ps -eo rss,vsz,command |egrep 'mog|COMMAND'
 7072  34028 mogstored
 1780   4920 mogstored [diskusage]
 1652   4920 mogstored [iostat]
 2104   6720 mogstored [fidsizes]
 5108  16428 mogilefsd
107976 218024 mogilefsd [replicate]
 5940  16684 mogilefsd [queryworker]
 5928  16692 mogilefsd [queryworker]
 5908  16696 mogilefsd [queryworker]
 4352  16784 mogilefsd [fsck]
 6212  17160 mogilefsd [delete]
 7904  18332 mogilefsd [monitor]
 8672  16676 mogilefsd [reaper]
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