Memory requirement/restart frequency of MogileFS processes.

dormando dormando at
Sat Sep 8 06:25:53 UTC 2007

Hemant Bist wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone point me to typical memory sizes they see on their live 
> systems from the MogileFS processes? And whether you restart these 
> processes periodically to work around  memory leaks?
> On single machine with single disk (which is admittedly not the best 
> configuration to test mogileFS), this is what I get.
> with 5 queryworkers,  Total size is *200* MB --mogilefsd processes will 
> use 150Meg and
> mogstored another 50 meg.
> Thanx, HB
> PS
> (mogilefsd(replicate) bloats in size for me. I am probably running into 
> some obscure bug because there is nothing that can be replicated in this 
> config).

They get pretty big, but don't usually bloat forever for me unless 
there's a bug...

Are there any errors being seen in syslog or via !watch against a 
tracker? Is it bloating up to 200 megabytes and stopping, or does it 
grow forever until the machine dies?

What distro/perl module versions/etc?


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