Folders and duplicate file names

drpr0ctologist at drpr0ctologist at
Sat Sep 8 10:13:18 UTC 2007

> (Someone else has a better answer for this, but I couldn't find it
> quickly in the archives...)
> Check out the 'filespaths' plugin. I haven't used it personally, but
> it's supposed to make "directory structures" easier to work with.
> Mostly I just make the key look like a path, ie:
> /user1/filename.blah
> /user2/filename.blah
> ... and you can manage the collections in your application, or use the
> 'listkeys' feature. Lots of options, none too terrible.

Another question. Is it better to separate images to a subdomain such as or is it ok to leave it in the original domain like  I see that is using the

Trying to figure out what the advantages/disadvantages there are in both.
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