Slow performance on write

Alan Tam alan at
Tue Sep 11 12:25:00 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I have set up mogilefs 2.17 on 3 machines (all running mogilefsd and 
mogstored) over a 100Mbps ethernet, where mindevcount=2. They are all 
Pentium 4 with SATA disks, running running Perlbal with IO::AIO on Linux 
2.6.15+. MySQL is 5.0.45 using a default setup with InnoDB.

I tried to write 10000 files, each less than 1kB, and it took totally 15 
minutes, i.e. around 10 files per second. Retrieval is much faster, at 
around 50 requests per second.

I repeated the experience with writing 10kB and 100kB files, but the 
total time taken do not increase too much.

If I issue a single write request, it took around 0.25 to 0.3 seconds.

May I know if such write performance is you expect? Thanks in advance!


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