hot swappable SATA controllers for Linux

Jared Klett jared at
Tue Sep 18 20:54:24 UTC 2007

	3ware/AMCC gets my vote. I'm using 9550SX-12MI controllers in
our MogileFS nodes and they run quite well.

	Note that in order to use the 3ware drivers included with the
Linux kernel (which is what we use) with the 9550SX series, you'll need
to be on a pretty recent 2.6 kernel - 2.6.12 or later, if memory serves.

	Their RAID management software is pretty good, too - e-mail
notification for all sorts of events (failure, warnings, etc) among
other features.


- Jared

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I am looking to build out a fairly dense setup with nodes having 8 or so
SATA drive slots for about 6 TB per node.
Initially plan to have 6 of these nodes.   Obviously at this level of 
density I  need to be able to hot swap a drive if one goes bad.  I was
wondering what folks have seen in terms of real work use of various SATA
controllers out there.

I have used LSI.
3Ware seems popular also.
Even seen Rosewill silicon.

Love thoughts on what mileage people are getting on SATA controllers.


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