hot swappable SATA controllers for Linux

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Wed Sep 19 06:47:51 UTC 2007

On Sep 18, 2007, at 1:06 PM, Lance Boomerang wrote:

> I am looking to build out a fairly dense setup with nodes having 8  
> or so SATA drive slots for about 6 TB per node.
> Initially plan to have 6 of these nodes.   Obviously at this level  
> of density I  need to be able to hot swap a drive if one goes bad.   
> I was wondering what folks have seen in terms of real work use of  
> various SATA controllers out there.

Aren't most/all SATA controllers hot-swap by now?   Check http:// before you buy and you should be in  
good shape.   I thought it was part of the SATA spec and the only  
controllers that didn't support it was "bridged" PATA controllers.

Typically for MogileFS devices it's a waste of money buying a fancy  
SATA controller.  (If you do want one, then the new 3Ware ones are  
pretty good - the ones from 3-4 years ago not so much).

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