mogilefsd does not start anymore

sanados sanados at
Wed Apr 9 12:10:27 UTC 2008

MySQL self-tests failed.  Your DBD::mysql might've been built against an 
old DBI version.

any1 seen this error message before and/or know how to solve that?
did not change anything on my system, except a svn update and recompile.
(side note: had to kill some index from base tables for i use ndbcluster)

rebuilt DBD::mysql and DBI already

i find that row in the table tempfile:
| 4294967295 | 1207551042 |       0 |   99 | 
_server_startup_test         | NULL   |

when i delete that row i can start up mogilefsd ... though the tracker 
will not answer my calls.

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