New install: mogstored dying, and mogtool problems

Greg Connor gconnor at
Wed Apr 30 21:45:48 UTC 2008

>>  I know it's a pretty old OS so upgrading to a more modern CentOS or
>> something is definitely an option... I probably put too much trust in the
>> "make test" of each module to let me know if something is
>> problem/missing/unsupported...
Mark Smith wrote:
> Your problems will mostly be solved by upgrading the system.  (Or at
> least we'll have a good common ground to work towards solving them!)
> If you can't upgrade, then the Danga tools are probably not the right
> tools for you.  :)

Thanks for the help, Mark.

I will try upgrading and then ask again if I need further help.  I hope 
the errors mogtool is having are due to the old OS and old Perl as well.

I am still curious to know if the mogtool --bigfile functions are in 
common use and what people have observed in terms of mogtool's failure 
modes (both copies of a block not matching checksum, for example).

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