File_Mogile Proposed to PEAR

Steve Williams sbw at
Fri Feb 1 01:34:40 UTC 2008

I finally got my act together and proposed our File_Mogile package to 
PEAR.  Here's the code currently up for consideration:

We've been using File_Mogile in production at Digg for months.

Back in October, I pinged this group asking for help contacting Domas 
Mituzas, who created a PHP interface to MogileFS in 
Mediawiki.  File_Mogile is based on his code.  I did finally get in 
touch with Domas, and he and his co-author graciously gave permission 
for me to license File_Mogile under BSD (as Mediawiki is GPL).

I know there are other PHP interfaces to MogileFS out there.  I'm 
glad there are alternatives.  Having one accepted by PEAR will fill a 
particular niche. 

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