Multiple trackers on a Mysql multi-master setup

dormando dormando at
Fri Feb 1 04:38:54 UTC 2008

No, you shouldn't be doing that :)

I'll respond earlier in the thread on the other points... but on this 
specific one, MogileFS makes heavy use (for the moment!) of GET_LOCK and 
RELEASE_LOCK so the different processes and trackers don't step on each 
other's feet and horrifically corrupt things.

So, you may actually do master:master setups with auto_increment_offset 
fine (this works okay, I have a few cluster's DBs doing it). But the 
trackers may _only_ point to one of them. If you have a high DB load you 
should post your tracker configuration here... Presently having too many 
idle replicators/deleters/etc will increase DB load more than they should.

Otherwise you may use read only slaves by adding them with the mogadm 
slave command, and that should offload the bulk of the DB traffic if you 
don't have more replicators/deleters/etc than you need.


Clinton Goudie-Nice wrote:
> Additionally, is there any way to make the trackers config connect to 
> both db masters? I saw some discussion earlier on the list about how to 
> have the trackers query mysql slaves, but I didn't see how the config 
> file needs to be structured to determine if I could use it for 
> multimaster as well.
> Thanks!
> Clint
> On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 10:35 -0700, Clinton Goudie-Nice wrote:
>> Greetings everyone,
>> I'm wondering how to perform the setup of a second tracker. Do I start 
>> the second tracker the same as the first tracker, or do I need to do 
>> some configuration on both trackers so that they know about eachother?
>> Also, I want to set this up in a mysql multimaster situation, probably 
>> having each tracker talk to the mysql instance on the machine it's on. 
>> From what I know about mogile, that shouldn't be a problem. Is there 
>> anything I should know about setting mogile up in this way?
>> Thanks for the help!
>> Clint
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