File_Mogile Proposed to PEAR

dormando dormando at
Sat Feb 2 09:36:54 UTC 2008

Steve Williams wrote:
> Dormando, thanks for your email.
>> Feel free to link to it on the wiki if you haven't already.
> Sure!  I don't see an appropriate spot for it.  Is there a page where
> libraries are listed?

Possibly not; go ahead and make one.

> They can be config'd by:
> File_Mogile::$socketTimeout = {new value};
> $m = new File_Mogile(...);
> We have used that a lot at Digg, but since I wrote File_Mogile, we've
> begun to think it's not the best technique.  One could make a strong
> argument that a setopt() method would be better.

Agreed. If not setopt(), $m->timeout(new value) and such.

> Good point, thanks!
> Hmmm...  Now I look at the code, it isn't clear to me whether PHP's
> CURLOPT_TIMEOUT corresponds to cURL's --max-time or --connect-timeout. 
> That makes it hard to document the new config precisely.

My PHP is total weak sauce, I'm of no use here. :) I'm glad the
licensing appears clear. There're several PHP clients floating around
too... I'd welcome anything though; and would even advise combine
features/fixes together.


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