Types of access control for clients

Jay K jayk at ion0.com
Sun Feb 10 19:15:32 UTC 2008

HI Dormando,

Thanks.  That's kind of the conclusion I came to with my reading thus

Am I right in thinking that if I wanted to add access control it'd
have to be in both the tracker and the storage daemon?

If I were to undertake a simple access control patch / hook would it
be something that the dev team might be interested in integrating?
Mostly wondering if others have interest in access control



On Feb 9, 2008, at 2:12 PM, dormando wrote:

> Hey,
> MogileFS is designed for you to put access control on a layer above
> the
> actual mogilefs storage. There's no handshake or authentication or
> ACL's
> anywhere inside it. All it has is logical partitioning.
> This is ultimately more flexible (the application knows about its own
> userids, its own custom ACL situation, relative data, 3rd party
> sources,
> etc), but mogilefs doesn't have to be designed to be that flexible.
> But it means it sucks for shared hosting setups. You can probably hack
> it to kinda do what you want?
> -Dormando
> Jay K wrote:
>> Hi there all,
>> I am pretty new to mogilefs and I like what I have seen so far -
>> but I
>> have one question that I've been unable to find the answer to.
>> Can there be any access control applied to clients access to
>> trackers / nodes?  I am considering setting mogilefs up for several
>> of
>> my clients to use - but as I do not control their systems I want to
>> make sure that each client can only access their piece of the
>> mogilefs
>> pie...
>> It didn't look like there was any way to accomplish this by
>> default...
>> but I've read about people using other methods of access (Webdav?)
>> etc... so I wondered what people are doing and what is technically
>> feasible.
>> If anyone has info / tips / suggestions on reading, I would really
>> appreciate it.
>> Thanks,
>> Jay

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