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sanados sanados at
Fri Jan 4 08:08:12 UTC 2008

Mark Smith wrote:
>> any chance that i could name them
>> /dev1/0/000/000/0000000011_5e2bc.jpg  for example.
>> so i prevent that user could browse through the server and get all files.
>> and i would also need to rewrite
> It's not really designed to allow you to expose your file servers
> directly to the Internet.  By doing this you lose a lot of the
> advantages of the MogileFS system, such as the ability to gracefully
> handle disk/machine failures.  If you give the end-user a URL that
> points directly at one of your storage nodes, then you have to hope
> that node/disk never goes away.
Do know about this.
Though the tracker should know about failures and should always deliver 
the right url.
I did not intend to make the URL hardcoded and the fileserver 
transparent to the outside.
Request could be handled by apache2 which runs a c-wrapper that ask one 
of the tracker where to find the files and then rewrites the request and 
hides the origin.
So i guess the httpd can hide the origin filename too.
We have too much request to let them all run through php.
That would kill our performance.
>> Intern (servers) should still use this, though to deliver the files
>> outside i would love to change the url to:
>> (those request will
>> be handled by normal http server (apache,lighttpd, ...))
>> (furthermore resulting in:
>> i do know that i could rewrite the domain and port in my scripts (php in
>> this case).
>> Though i don't want to give any logic to the Website.
>> (still looking forward that anyone gets the FUSE up and running)
> The web site should have some logic here.  If you use Perlbal in front
> then the amount of logic you have to write is vanishingly small.  Look
> it up, return it.  Then configure Perlbal to do reproxying and caching
> and you don't really have to worry about anything.
Thanks for the advice on Perlbal ... didn't know about it.
Will look into it.
Seems this Perlbal does exactly what our c-wrapper on Apache was 
designed to do.

Can you point me to a __HOWTO__ how to combine mogilefs with perlbal?

> By doing it this way, you address your iteration concern as well,
> since presumably your files are stored in MogileFS by the appropriate
> filename so looking them up is easy.
> You also don't have to worry about nodes going down or becoming
> unavailable.  It's really just a better design pattern all around, for
> both you and your users.
> If you -really- insist on doing it the way you're proposing, you will
> have to hack on MogileFS to get it to save files as you are
> suggesting.  I really think it will be more work than just
> implementing the "proper" logic in your application.
I do not intend to 'hack' mogilefs as it is an awesome piece of software 
Just doing some work on the php extension mogileFS of which 
is working well but i could still use more functions.

You don't have any new information on FUSE on any chance?

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