Empty path list in Java client

David Sheldon david.sheldon at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 15:31:43 UTC 2008

I'm using the com.guba java client for mogilefs, and we're using it on
our live site. Twice since we deployed (last week), it seems that
getPaths() has returned an empty list of locations for a file that is
definitely there[1].

Looking through the code for the client and the server I can't see how
this could happen. Has anyone seen this before, or have any ideas on
how I can reproduce it/track it down further?


[1] We get the exception
"com.guba.mogilefs.StorageCommunicationException: unable to retrieve
file with key 'xxxxx' from any storage node: " (there not being any
list of paths at the end means that getPaths() returned an empty array
rather than null.

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