Exporting files to another server

sanados sanados at failure.at
Tue Jan 29 07:15:47 UTC 2008

drpr0ctologist at gmail.com wrote:
>     If you can handle the downtime, a simple script will do the trick..
>     //psudocode...
>     query "select * from file where fid > XXX order by fid asc limit
>     $chunk"
>     foreach $rows as $row
>       $data = $oldm->get($row['dkey']);
>       $newm->save($row['dkey'], class, $data);
>     you can multi-thread that too, just have each client do a separate
>     chunk of id space.
>     if you have too many files, just move the physical drives over,
>     make the changes in the db and start it all back up. should work.
> How about the actual data? How do I move that over?
Would add the new fileserver to the current tracker ...
then set the devices that will be replaced to drain ... the tracker 
should take care of replication to the new fileserver and clean the old 
When that done you could easily shutdown the replaced fileserver.

then porting the db to the new db-server and tell tracker where to look 
for db now.
> Sorry to be so dense. I'm not the programmer who will be doing this. 
> I'm just asking on his behalf. He doesn't seem to know either.

lg Sanados

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