delete_later - read_only database

sanados sanados at
Tue Jan 29 15:00:29 UTC 2008

I know that delete marks files to be deleted as soon as possible.
And the table_delete_later is for cleaning up failed deletes.

Though is there native a possibility to send DELETE_AFTER (for example) 
to mogilefsd and tell mogilefs a time when it should delete the file?
(would use that feature for backup to keep files (source) available 
after it got deleted from the system.

is there a possibility to add a db connection to the tracker which it 
will use for selects?
in our mysql master-slave enviroment it would be good if the tracker 
only asks the slaves for files.
So that only update and inserts run over the master-db connection.

(sorry, but the mysql ndbcluster ain't stable enough to be production ready)


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