Encrypting files or chuncks

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Fri Jun 13 04:06:39 UTC 2008

Well it'd end up being in your storage nodes... MFS just cares about
files, so whatever's serving and saving your data could be the
encryption points. Which would be perlbal if you have a default setup.

Seems doable, but a little silly, I guess? If your box is hacked they
can just ask perlbal to serve up all your files unencrypted anyway.
Would help the case of someone physically stealing the server though. I
figure that's a tad more rare than getting cracked :P


Niels van Dijk wrote:
> Hello list,
> Did anyone ever attempt to introduce encryption of files or chuncks of
> files? I feel this could be done a for example the class level, so one
> can not only define the replication policy, but the level of encryption
> as well. Although there would be a performance penalty, it would render
> hacking a storage node useless. That would then enable me to use an
> almost completely of the shell product of a (commercial) provider as
> storage node, and still regain secure solution.
> Would this be possible, if so, any suggestions to where in the code
> would be a good place to implement this, and what would be the pro's and
> con's?
> thanks
> Niels

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