Perlbal documentation

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Oct 12 17:07:40 PDT 2004

Our goal was to get something up by last Friday, but missed it.
I'd be really sad if we don't have a page & docs up for it sometime this

A couple others have played with it, but nobody else is running it in
production that I know of.  (witness lack of docs)

As I see it, we need to:

-- document prereqs:  Linux is required at this point, and Linux
   2.6 (for epoll and scheduling) is recommended for production.
   FreeBSD and other Unix support later.

-- make packages for Danga::Socket and Perlbal (which requires
   Danga::Socket).  but for now you can just check out lib/Danga-Socket
   from in wcmtools repo and "perl Makefile.PL; make
   install" I believe.

-- document perlbal config files (though there are examples in cvs)

-- document why we made our own load balancer in the first place
   (explain the cool tricks it does)

-- document the plug-in interface hooks


On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Benjamin Krueger wrote:

> Any guesses on when the general public can expect to see perlbal
> documentation start trickling out? I'd like to evaluate it as part of a
> proxy system, however the lack of documentation is killing me when it
> comes to convincing other folks that it's mature enough to consider.
> Is there a list of high traffic internet sites other than LiveJournal
> using perlbal in a production capacity right now?
> Thanks,
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