ANNOUNCE: Perlbal 1.41 (whoops, missed 1.40)

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon Feb 6 19:28:18 UTC 2006

Apparently I never released 1.40.  So here's 1.41, including the 1.40

Should appear on CPAN soon.  Changes:

1.41: 2006-02-06

    -- IE sends a request header like "If-Modified-Since: <DATE>;
       length=<length>" so we have to remove the length bit before
       comparing it with our date then we save the length to compare

    -- support for reproxying to a named service.  if backend returns
       "X-Reproxy-Service: <name>" and no content, the entire original
       client GET/HEAD request is re-sent to the new named service.
       the "enable_reproxy" option has to be enabled for the original

1.40: 2006-01-17

    -- support for optional retrying of requests after a 500 error,
       so user won't see the 500 error.  boolean option, as well
       as configurable schedule of how often to retry backends.

    -- clean up directory indexing HTML: Mark Smith and Fred Moyer
       (fred at


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