Perlbal module idea

Brian Moon brianm at
Tue Feb 7 23:07:24 UTC 2006

We are restructuring our network and are in need of something like 
Perlbal that does a little more.

Much of our pages contain duplicate data.  We would like to reduce the 
cache size by not duplicating that data in cache.  So, our idea is to 
cache parts of pages and let the front end daemon assemble that data 
like SSI and send it back to the user.  I have already created a PHP 
script that does this, but I would rather have it in something like Perlbal.

Basically, this script takes a request and checks memcached for the 
content.  If its not there, it makes a backend request to an application 
server for the content.

Now, this is where it gets more complicated.  The script then process 
SSI type data in the content and makes additional requests from 
memcached or the backend as needed to assemble the page.  When finished, 
it sends it out.

Is what I am talking about possible with a module in Perlbal?  Can a 
module be that involved?  I know there are modules to rewrite images 
files and this is not far from that.

Brian Moon
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