Patch: Errordocument and Responsecode directives for the web_server mode

Jonty jonty.wareing at
Fri Sep 15 10:37:06 UTC 2006


This patch adds errordocument and responsecode directives to the
web_server mode of perlbal.

Errordocument functions in a similar manner to the apache directive -
showing a predefined page upon encountering a 404. If the predefined
page cannot be found, a normal 404 error will occur.

Responsecode forces the web_server mode to ALWAYS return the same
response code as long as a real page or errordocument can be served.

We use these two functions in combination to display a 503 site
maintenance page that can be easily switched on while having no
dependencies on the backend cluster or fileservers.

Jonty Wareing
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