Perlbal book -- table of contents

Dan Horne dan.horne at
Thu Sep 21 20:29:02 UTC 2006

> On Behalf Of Brad Fitzpatrick
> Sent: Friday, 22 September 2006 7:38 a.m.

> A certain book company might want to do a book on Perlbal and 
> was asking for a table of contents.

I'd buy that!
> I wrote this up:
> Any other suggestions?

Lots of examples. The reason that I'd buy the book is that I find the
documentation a bit terse in parts, and the book would provide the
opportunity to expand on the topics a bit.

> What do you guys want to see explained / documented / 
> walked-through better?

Case studies of typical real-world requirements, and how to meet them with
Perlbal. A detailed walk through of the plugins would be nice...


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