Squid and MogileFS

Mike Withers m.withers at uws.edu.au
Tue Aug 7 00:06:58 UTC 2007

More precicely

A reverse proxy (rp) can be caching-rp or non-caching-rp.

Regards Mike Withers

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> >
> > Depends how you use Squid.
> >
> > If you use Squid to do caching, Perlbal won't help you.
> > If you only use Squid to do reverse proxying, Perlbal's much better
> >
> Earlier you mentioned that Typepad.com uses both Perlbal and Squid.  To my
> understanding, only reverse proxying is needed to do caching of websites.

That is incorrect.

Caching is different than reverse proxying.

- Brad

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