Configurable Socket Timeout

Justin Huff jjhuff at
Fri Aug 10 15:33:23 UTC 2007

>> Disclaimer: we aren't (yet) running this in production.
> That's probably best, it confuses the two max_idle_time subroutines
> that used to be in the codebase ;-)
Oops! I think I did end up pushing that anyway:)

> I've just got rid of one in which is now the
> persist_client_timeout option in subversion (that defaults to 30
> seconds) and is a timeout in seconds for keep-alives to the end user.
> The other one is in the default is for sockets to never
> time out (0). Is this what you are interested in, or does the new
> persist_client_timeout configuration option good enough for you?
We aren't using persistent connections since there were some other 
issues we ran into.  However, we do have cases where we launch a single 
request, and it might sit idle for a while -- perlbal was dropping the 


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