Too many open files?

Brian Easley brian at
Tue Aug 21 20:00:47 UTC 2007


I'm working on getting perlball properly utilized and have come across 
another problematic error inside /var/log/messages.

Aug 21 14:51:44 web03 perlbal[4254]: Error creating socket: Too many 
open files
Aug 21 14:52:06 web03 last message repeated 117 times

The machine is only running perlbal, and has plenty of ram(over 3gb) & 
cpu (80%+ idle) available. All machines are running centos 4.5 x86_64. 
The backend machines should have more connections available as well, 
since there are only 1000 sockets running within perlbal and my max 
connections are 1400 on the backend machines.

Can anyone give me any suggestions or guidance here?

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