Too many open files?

Kevin Olson kolson at
Tue Aug 21 20:15:22 UTC 2007

I¹ve run into this same problem in the past. Try setting the max_connections
variable in your config file.  Six Apart¹s sample config has it at 10,000 I
believe. Essentially this will just up your system¹s max open files limit.

On 8/21/07 1:00 PM, "Brian Easley" <brian at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm working on getting perlball properly utilized and have come across
> another problematic error inside /var/log/messages.
> Aug 21 14:51:44 web03 perlbal[4254]: Error creating socket: Too many
> open files
> Aug 21 14:52:06 web03 last message repeated 117 times
> The machine is only running perlbal, and has plenty of ram(over 3gb) &
> cpu (80%+ idle) available. All machines are running centos 4.5 x86_64.
> The backend machines should have more connections available as well,
> since there are only 1000 sockets running within perlbal and my max
> connections are 1400 on the backend machines.
> Can anyone give me any suggestions or guidance here?

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