Where does one begin with Perlbal?

Timothy Appnel tim at appnel.com
Mon Feb 5 18:32:54 UTC 2007

At risk of being a total noob I have to ask...  Where does one begin
with Perlbal?

I've looked at what is in CPAN and on the Perlbal site. I've even
asked around to some people I thought might know and the stock answer
seems to be "just play around with it." Looking at what I found I
could hardly find even a starting point for that though. I've looked
around for a primer or a tutorial to getting started, but don't see
anything. I saw the it was presented at OSCON last year and thought
the ProNet post on it would have a link to the presentations but alas
no link.

> Artur and Brad's presentation on "LiveJournal's Secret Spin-offs" will be posted as soon as it is available (check back here for the link) - memcached, Perlbal, MogileFS and djabberd are all open source applications..."

Sorry to sound so dense, but I'm at a loss here. Any tips of
enlightenment would be appreciated.



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