[Announce] Perlbal-1.54

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at danga.com
Mon Feb 5 20:22:47 UTC 2007

Perlbal 1.54 is tagged and uploaded to CPAN.

Also at:


Not sure when I did last announcement, so here's changes in recent

1.54: 2007-02-05

    -- supported for "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" requests (HTTP/1.1 feature)
       as well as the "Expect: 100-continue", which generally accompany
       chunked requests.  requires "buffered_uploads" be enabled.  see
       doc/http-versions.txt for details.

1.53: 2006-12-05

    -- fix a crash as reported on mailing lists, with backends not
       releasing references to clientproxies when coming through
       service selectors, and backends then timing out, crashing
       the server.

    -- if backend sends x-reproxy-url and HTTP 204 No Content, upgrade
       that to a 200 when sending to the client.

    -- let non-Perlbal::Socket Danga::Socket objects exist without
       crashing in cleanup handler (allows use of Gearman::Client::Async
       in plugins)

1.52: 2006-11-13

    -- fix crash in buffered uploads when *::AIO doesn't write everything
       to disk that's requested of it.  we were unshifting back onto the
       write queue a scalar, not a scalarref.

    -- AIO channels.  from the code:

       "prevents all AIO threads from being consumed by requests for same
        failing/overloaded disk by isolating them into separate 'channels' in
        parent process and not dispatching more than the max in-flight count
        allows.  think of a channel as a named queue.  or in reality, a disk."

    -- allow setting of SO_SNDBUF on a per-service level

1.51: 2006-10-04

    -- set alive_time during slow PUTs.  was causing problems
       replicating large files in mogile, hitting fake idle timeout.

    -- pipelining HTTP injection fix.

    -- include Host header to reproxy backends
           patch by Jonty Wareing <jonty.wareing at gmail.com>

- Brad

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