Crash on perlbal 1.53, possible Foundry influence

Brett G. Durrett brett at
Tue Feb 6 23:29:19 UTC 2007

I have several perlbals running 1.53 that appear to crash (process is no 
longer running).  This usually occurs for 1-3 hour periods where the 
pool of ~6 will take turns going down about 15 minutes apart from each 
other.  I don't see anything useful in any logs. 

Normally I would not mention this but since there was another Foundry 
posting, this pool of perlbals was recently moved to a Foundry 
ServerIron and they are configured to use DSR (not NAT).  Do to some 
recent changes in the way we monitor Perlbal, it is not clear if 
processes were dying before the move to the Foundry (only port 
connection was monitored, now we also monitor processes)

Has anybody else has seen a 1.53 Perlbal go MIA? 

Is there any additional information / debugging I can provide that might 
be useful?


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