Crash on perlbal 1.53, possible Foundry influence

dormando dormando at
Wed Feb 7 00:53:20 UTC 2007

(accidentally sent to just Brett).

 > Has anybody else has seen a 1.53 Perlbal go MIA?
 > Is there any additional information / debugging I can provide that 
might be useful?
 > B-

If you can grab an strace of one of the dying processes, it's 
straightforward to look at what perlbal was doing when it went kaputs.

Also; How are you getting the logs? Perlbal tends to print critical 
errors to STDOUT. Whenever I notice perlbal going nutters on our LBs, 
the first thing I do is fire up one of the instances in a screen session 
and wait for it to crash, often grabbing the strace at the same time.


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