and static contents serving based on filetype

Jeremy James jbj at
Tue Jan 23 18:43:44 UTC 2007

kingler wrote:
> However, would it be more efficient to use Perlbal to serve static
> contents(photos and etc) maybe from MogileFS, while passing dynamic
> contents to the backend Apaches? This would require a filtering based
> on FileTypes requested. Also, if the user wanted to upload new photos,
> would it be a problem since the request is dynamic (say PHP) and it
> would be passed to the backend servers? Thanks.

Note that you'll probably want design your server infrastructure to make 
this easier to manage. Eg, put all images to be served by Mogile on and your normal 'apache' data through

Alternatively, I wrote a plugin a while back to support serving files 
differently depending on path, so you can serve all files through 
/media/ with Mogile, and everything else with Apache.

If you want all image files to be served by perlbal without putting them 
in a sensible place; there madness lies...


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