Perbal internal redirects.

Ashish Padave ashishpadave at
Tue Jul 3 15:01:46 UTC 2007


I read this on the archives, it was posted by Brad.

"Instead you can put Perlbal in front, which will advertise via a special
HTTP header that it supports internal reproxying, your PHP application
detects that, does its authentication and URL mapping, as well as MogileFS
client work to find where on the network that image is, then it replies to
Perlbal the locations of the resource that needs to be served.  Then PHP
is free to do whatever, and Perlbal spoonfeeds the client.  Becuse Perlbal
is async/event-based with a single thread, it can handles tens of
thousands of connections at once (as can plb, but plb doesn't do internal

The cool thing about internal redirects is that it makes mod_perl or PHP
not waste their time with things they're not good at, and the whole
process is invisible to the end user."

Can someone please post some sample code or something explaining how its 

Thank you,


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