Perbal internal redirects.

Adam Jacob adam at
Wed Jul 4 05:34:49 UTC 2007

You can find this in the Perlbal source, under "doc/reproxying.txt".

A link to that file in Subversion is here:


On Jul 3, 2007, at 8:01 AM, Ashish Padave wrote:

> Hello,
> I read this on the archives, it was posted by Brad.
> "Instead you can put Perlbal in front, which will advertise via a  
> special
> HTTP header that it supports internal reproxying, your PHP application
> detects that, does its authentication and URL mapping, as well as  
> MogileFS
> client work to find where on the network that image is, then it  
> replies to
> Perlbal the locations of the resource that needs to be served.   
> Then PHP
> is free to do whatever, and Perlbal spoonfeeds the client.  Becuse  
> Perlbal
> is async/event-based with a single thread, it can handles tens of
> thousands of connections at once (as can plb, but plb doesn't do  
> internal
> redirects).
> The cool thing about internal redirects is that it makes mod_perl  
> or PHP
> not waste their time with things they're not good at, and the whole
> process is invisible to the end user."
> Can someone please post some sample code or something explaining  
> how its done?
> Thank you,
> Ashish

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