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Justin Huff jjhuff at
Fri May 11 18:43:45 UTC 2007

> When you say "the problem goes away", do you see a real problem, or just
> the error messages?
With persistence, the POST never makes it to the backend, so the image 
upload fails.  When it's disabled, everything works great (i.e. the POST 
makes it). Oh yeah, the messages go away too:)

> I honestly hardly run at debug level >= 3, so it's possible the warning
> messages are bogus, or a legacy of times before persistent connections.
Yeah, it's pretty verbose.

> Before I look into this more, I'm curious if things actually work for you,
> despite the warnings.  If not, then I'm curious what your traffic looks
> like, and the rest of your config.
I have a debug log, and some tcpdump action if you want 'em.

Our test env is running perlbal in front of apache, which is in front of 
CherryPy.  In production we're just using apache in front of CherryPy. 
Both use MFS, but it's use seems un-related.

I should have mentioned that I'm also not convinced that this is a 
Perlbal issue.  We've seen indications that this *might* be happening in 
production due to external proxies, but we're not totally sure.  This is 
the first time we've been able to repro it where we have access to both 
sides.  Even at that, it's not a consistant repro.


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