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Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Fri May 11 18:52:39 UTC 2007

Yeah, send me a pcap file privately, off-list and I can look into it.

(As long as you captured full packets and did it from the Perlbal machine
itself, so I can see all perspectives... not from your desktop/etc)

On Fri, 11 May 2007, Justin Huff wrote:

> > When you say "the problem goes away", do you see a real problem, or just
> > the error messages?
> With persistence, the POST never makes it to the backend, so the image
> upload fails.  When it's disabled, everything works great (i.e. the POST
> makes it). Oh yeah, the messages go away too:)
> > I honestly hardly run at debug level >= 3, so it's possible the warning
> > messages are bogus, or a legacy of times before persistent connections.
> Yeah, it's pretty verbose.
> > Before I look into this more, I'm curious if things actually work for you,
> > despite the warnings.  If not, then I'm curious what your traffic looks
> > like, and the rest of your config.
> I have a debug log, and some tcpdump action if you want 'em.
> Our test env is running perlbal in front of apache, which is in front of
> CherryPy.  In production we're just using apache in front of CherryPy.
> Both use MFS, but it's use seems un-related.
> I should have mentioned that I'm also not convinced that this is a
> Perlbal issue.  We've seen indications that this *might* be happening in
> production due to external proxies, but we're not totally sure.  This is
> the first time we've been able to repro it where we have access to both
> sides.  Even at that, it's not a consistant repro.
> --justin

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