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Tue Oct 9 21:14:35 UTC 2007

> I've been running through the archives and found some mentions of using
> the telnet interface for changing Perlbal's config on the fly. But I
> really want to know if there is a signal I can send to Perlbal that will
> tell it to re-read the config file and rebuild the running config.
> We're using Perlbal as a single-public-IP frontend to a bunch of
> commodity VMs, none of which have any real traffic, so a slight glitch
> in service is acceptable, but I'd rather have a single command like kill
> -SIGHUP <perlbal pid> than having to kill it completely and start a new
> instance.

There's no command to do that.  Your best bet is to do a 'shutdown graceful'
on your existing Perlbal and start up a new one immediately.  Old
connections are allowed to dwindle out and the new one can start handling
things with the new configuration.

The graceful shutdown isn't guaranteed to ever exit though (if a socket
stays alive it can stay up for quite a while) so you still want to watch it
and then kill it off after some period if it's still around.

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