how does re-proxy work?

dangalist at dangalist at
Tue Oct 23 16:47:56 UTC 2007

>No, the traffic always goes through Perlbal. To make a client
>directly connect to a different resource you need to provide a
>different URI, so I guess you could use redirects if this is totally
>important, but I don't know your use case.

I  would like to use perlbals x-reproxy-url feature to serve images or other multimedia data from mogilefs, 
so if all traffic would go trough one datacenter/server it will have probably longer delivery times due to longer route 
and also bandwidth in perlbals datacenter will be pretty high if every file will go trough proxy server back to client. 
Is there any way how to set it up to keep advantages of mogilefs across different datacenters, but dont route all traffic 
trough one proxy server?

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