how does re-proxy work?

Brett Hoerner bretthoerner at
Tue Oct 23 19:54:14 UTC 2007

On 10/23/07, dangalist at <dangalist at> wrote:
> Is there any way how to set it up to keep advantages of mogilefs across different datacenters, but dont route all traffic
> trough one proxy server?

Not that I can think of, that's just how the web works.  I'm not sure
what sort of media you're serving but this is where people tend to
split it off into subdomains.  media1.domain, media2.domain, etc... so
that you can refer the user's client directly to the resource (which
could be at any physical location).  Your load balancer could send
people a redirect to those resources on the subdomains if you still
want domain.tld/my_resource to be 'valid'.

When it must be accessible through one specific URI people get into
DNS round robins [1] and other such intraweb mojo, so that you can
spread the load among multiple reverse proxies, but at the end of the
day if you want to ask a Perlbal instance to fetch a resource, it has
to fetch and respond with the resource itself (meaning the traffic
goes through it).



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